Psylocke Set to Feature in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

At the end of X-Men: Apocolypse, Angel was dead, Magneto and Storm turned on their former master which left the final horsemen, Psylocke who went off into the unknown following her own path.


Luckily for fans, we will get to see what happens to Psylocke following the events of Apocolypse as it has been confirmed that Olivia Munn will be reprising her role in the upcoming X-Men film.

The character has become very popular over the years in the comic book world, and although Psylocke didn’t get much screen time in the previous film, there were glimpses of the mutants’ abilities.

Psylocke & Captain Britain.jpgPsylocke, real name Betsy Braddock, is a trained ninja and assassin with powerful telepathic abilities. She can read minds and use telekinesis like Professor Xavier and Jean Grey, but she’s also a lethal swordswoman. Using her telepathic powers, she can create a blade made of pure psychic energy. Munn told Collider the weaponry adds to the psychology of the character.”


Psylocke first appeared in 1976’s “Captain Britain #1” with blue eyes and blonde hair. There, she was a pilot and Captain Britain’s sister. In the late ’80s, she was brought into the X-Men universe and radically redesigned with purple hair and prominent Japanese features.


“I tell myself that if I do it… If I do take lives in the course of doing what’s right… Then at least it means other people won’t have to. Like I’m… Like I’m saving innocent souls. But that’s a lie. That’s lazy guilt-dodging bollocks. The truth is this: I rejoined X-Force because I couldn’t bear to stay away. My name is Elizabeth Braddock, and I’m an addict.”  Psylocke 

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