Bushmaster, Meet the Villain of Luke Cage: Season 2!

Luke Cage fans were treated this morning to the official trailer for season two of the Marvel Netflix series. The trailer shows Luke sending a clear message to the villains of Harlem, letting them know that he won’t back down and that it won’t be easy to kill him.


Fans were then introduced to the new antagonist, ‘Bushmaster’ (Played by Mustafa Shakir), who shockingly makes his entrance by making Cage bleed with a single punch. Bushmaster is here to take over Harlem and it seems he is more than capable of doing so. Being able to go toe-to-toe with Luke suggests that the villain has some sort of super-powers, something the two villains (Cottonmouth & Diamondback) from season one did not, although Diamondback did have some technological weapons he was able to use to square up against the bulletproof hero. Despite only having a small amount of screen time in the trailer, it’s pretty clear Bushmaster is going to be Cage’s toughest opponent yet.

Who is Bushmaster?


Bushmaster AKA John McIverMcIver first appeared as a villain for Danny Rand in the pages of Iron Fist #15 (1977) by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. The character grew up in the Caribbean and came to New York where he got involved in street crime,McIver started off getting involved with petty crimes like shoplifting before eventually committing his first severe crime, the murder of a shopkeeper he had stolen from. This led him to the path of being hired muscle for criminal organisations before joining crime syndicate, the Maggia alongside the likes of Count Nefaria, Silverman and hammerhead.

Taking his ventures stateside, John McIver and his crew were caught under the radar of the FBI before being infiltrated by Misty Knight who was working undercover in order to dig up some dirt on Mciver who had just started to call himself John Bushmaster.

He’s just as strong as Luke Cage!

Bushmaster managed to kidnap Noah Burnstein, the doctor who imprisoned and performed the procedure on Luke Cage to give him his superpowers. Bushmaster wanted the doctor to perform the same procedure on him, but at a higher level, which resulted in gaining super strength and durability.


John McIver isn’t the only Bushmaster either. Quincy, McIver’s brother who had both his arms and legs blown off in an explosion got himself involved with Roxxon, another criminal organisation who gifted Quincy with bionic arms as well as a serpents tail instead of legs before he joined Diamondback in the Serpent Society. When Quincy joined the Society he decided to call himself ‘Bushmaster’ as a tribute to his brother.

The fact that Bushmaster is able to lay Luke out so easily shows that he’s no ordinary human. in order to beat him, it looks like Luke will have to be more brutal than he usually is — without losing himself in the process. Season 2 will be released by Netflix on June 22nd and will feature regulars like Misty Knight, Claire Temple, Danny Rand (Iron Fist) as well as several others.

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